Chicken Chicken by Peter_Löwenbräu_Griffin


a brother and sister bump into the towns witch , “Patty! I’m open I’m open!” Screams Patty’s twin brother Jacob. Patty throws him the football, and he makes a spectacular catch. They’re playing outside of the small, local grocery store, and they’re walking out with the new football their mom had just bought them.

“Come on you two, get in the car.” Calls their mom, who had just finished loading the groceries, and she gets in front and starts the car.

Jacob now passes the ball to Patty on the way up, but it goes to the side. With horror, Jacob realizes that Patty’s on a collision course with the evil old woman that lives way out in the country. Everyone knows all the stories about her, about how she eats kids, how she killed and buried her husband, how she could drive you insane just by looking you in the eye. Patty jumps for the ball, and while she does catch it, she also knocks the old lady down in the process, scattering all her groceries on the pavement. Patty and Jacob stand in shock, scared witless, then they both take off like a dash for the safety of their mothers car.

“Chicken, chicken.” Says the old lady, and the two children hear it clearly. They sprint all the faster, finally making it into their mothers car, where she scolds them for running around, and they go home.

“What do you think that was about Why’d she say chicken chicken like that” Jacob asks Patty when they get home.

“I have no idea, but that was pretty close. We could have died!” Patty answers.

“Hey kids, I’m leaving for work! This place better not be a mess when I get back!” shouts their mom, and soon after the sound of their mom’s car leaving gives the signal for them both to start playing videogames. They are halfway through their first game when suddenly Patty stops.

“I kinda feel weird.” She says, and puts a hand on her stomach.

“What kinda weird” Jacob asks.

“I dunno, like… “

“Like you need to poop but not really” asks Jacob.

“Yeah.” Suddenly, Patty feels her insides clench, and sharp pain bursts from inside of her. It feels like something is being pushed out of her, and she cries out.

“Are you ok Arghhhh! Ow, what is that OW!” Jacob feels it too. Patty feels a large, hard object being forced down her virgin pussy, stretching it wide, when slowly but surely it squeezes out of her and an egg falls on the floor.

“Oh my God, did you just lay an egg Patty! That is so fu-AHHHH!!!” he suddenly screams as his egg travels down a newly formed vagina of his own, the pain too deep inside of Jacob to be soothed by simply clutching his stomach. The egg slowly travels down his vagina, and finally squeezes out from a hole that has appeared at the base of his balls.

“What was that about it being funny, Jacob” pants Patty.

“What the heck happened! That old lady must of done something to us!”

“Duh, but what do we do about it”

“We need to hide the eggs!”

“Good idea.” Says Patty, and they both take their eggs and throw them away.

“Maybe it only happens once”

“Yeah, maybe.”

Both of the children carefully go back to their game, and try not to think about it, even though after about an hour they can each feel an egg once again inside of them. Now that they know what it is, they easily recognize that it’s there, but neither of them say a word, and keep on playing. After a while, they can feel two eggs rubbing together deep inside of them, but both relentlessly concentrate on their game. Neither of them are doing very well. When both of them can feel three eggs floating around inside of them, they hear their mom arrive, and they both turn off the game and the T.V.

“High kids, the house looks great. Thank you! How would you two like some pizza for dinner”

The two kids immediately forget their predicament, and their mom goes back out into the car and brings in Pizza Hut. They all sit down to eat, when Patty feels an egg start to move against her will.

“I need to use the restroom.” She announces, and with her legs tightly pressed together she makes it to the bathroom. Immediately, when she sits down, she egg starts it’s journey down her soft pussy, which is no longer as tight, but the pain is just as excruciating. It’s all she can do from crying out as the first egg is being force involuntarily down her much too small vagina, shards of pain slicing her as it stretches her every inch of the way. Finally, tears streaming her face, it plops into the toilet, and immediately another eggs starts traveling down.

In the dinning room, Jacob suddenly loses his appetite as he realizes what is happening to his sister, and what is about to happen to him. He tries to excuse himself, but his mom says no.

“I want to hear about you’re day at school honey.”

Jacob is about to speak when he feels the now familiar sensation of an egg about to drop down his inhumanly tight vagina.

“I have to poop mom.” He says, bouncing up and down in his chair.

“You’ll have to wait until you’re sister is out of the bathroom.”

It’s too late anyway. Jacob feels his insides cramp and push the egg down him, it feels as if his skin is tearing, even though it somehow isn’t. Jacob’s breathing quickens, but he’s able to hide the pain from his face.

“How’d you’re day go at school” asks his mom again.

“It was okay.” Jacob manages, the egg is only halfway down, and Jacob is beginning to sweat a little.

“What was okay about it”

“It was a normal day!” Jacob shouts, the pain spiking in his vagina as the egg finally falls into his pants, but to his horror another is on the way. Jacob can hear a second splash from inside the restroom, and a faint sob.

“I took a test on subtracting.” says Jacob, a little quicker now. He’s trying to draw his attention away from the second egg that is now traveling down him, the pain seems a little less this time, but only barely. Jacob’s legs start shaking as the egg is squeezed down his tight hole by inner muscles, as if he were a tube of toothpaste.

“Did you do well”

“I think Aie!…did.” On the word I, he was unable to suppress his small shout as the egg gave one last sharp stab at Jacob’s loins before joining the first egg.

Inside the restroom, Patty is laying her last egg, but can’t take much more. She gasps out loud as the last egg starts to make it’s way down her. She tries to stop it, but it only makes it hurt worse, so she quits. Then she tries to push it along and screams in pain as the last egg shoots out of her, splashing into the toilet. Her mom is immediately at the door.

“Are you okay Patty!”

“Yeah, Patty sobs, and she flushes the toilet, only to find that the three eggs roll back into the bottom of the toilet.

“Let me in Patty!”

“Just a second!” Patty reaches into the toilet, fishes out the eggs, and puts them into the trashcan, closing the lid. She then washes her hands and opens the door.

“Are you okay Why’d you scream!!”

“It hurt coming out. It hurt so bad.”

“You were constipated”

“Yes! Yes, I was constipated.” She wipes the tears from her eyes and hugs her mom. Patty hears Jacob grunt, and a soft thunk, and Jacob quickly gets up and softly dumps his three eggs in the trash as well while his mother’s back is turned. They finish their dinner, and the two twins go to bed early.

The two twins wake up together in the same room, since they share a room. The first thing they realize is that they had been busy in the middle of the night, having laid nealy two dozen eggs each. Without a word they both open up the window, and throw every last egg as far away as they possibly can, each one smashing on the ground. They both still feel a few eggs swirling around inside of their bellies, but they feel loose down there.

Jacob goes to wipe off his hole, which had residue left on it the past two times that he had laid eggs, and he felt the wetness now, but when he rubs his underwear on his crotch he feels nothing but the hole that the eggs come out. Patty sees the look on his face.

“What is it”

“I’m a girl, my pee pee is gone.”

“You say it like it’s a bad thing, you know you can lots of fun with a vagina. I’ll show you.” And she pulls down her pants and gasps. Her vagina has changed, it’s not longer a slit but a tinny hole, and Jacob finds that he has the same thing.

“How am I gonna pee” whispers Jacob, panicking.

“I don’t know, Jacob. My pee hole is gone too.”

“This sucks, we need to go to the witches house and get her to change us back.” Says Jacob. Then, on a completely unrelated note,“I gotta go number two…”

Jacob goes into the restroom, and sits down on the toilet. It’s strange that he doesn’t have a penis to hold onto now, and he doesn’t have to pee, but when he releases to poop it all comes out of his hole in a semi liquid stream. He shat through his vagina! Jacob reaches behinds him, and feels around. To his horror, he no longer has an ass hole. Jacob is hyperventilating, but calms down, and wipes up his hole clean of the bird poo. He calmly walks back to his sister, who is eating miniwheats, and whispers,

“My butt hole is gone.”

Patty immediately investigates, and disgust shows on her face as she finds no butt hole.

“I pooped out of my other hole Patty. Like a bird.”

“Oh no, I have to poop too.” Patty starts to cry. “I want this to end. I don’t want to lay eggs that hurt or poop out of my pussy.”

“We’ll find the witch and fix it. Don’t worry, we can fix it.” Jacob says. Patty, her face filled with sadness, makes her way to the bathroom to find out for herself what had happened. The ride to school is filled with silence as the two children both feel eggs being added to their gut, but they suppress their need to release them. By the end of the ride, both of their stomachs are bulging a little from approximatly eight eggs each. The rate at which new eggs are being added seems to be accelerating alarmingly. Both children move to their individual homerooms, and classes begin. Focusing is torture for the two as they’re both fighting to repress the eggs that are building up inside of them, and after only an hour they both look pregnant. Their teachers don’t notice because of the desks, but the other children do, and stare unabashedly.

Finally Jacob can take no more.

“Teacher Can I use the bathroom”

“Take the pass,” responds the teacher, without even looking up from what she’s writing on the blackboard.

Jacob rushes out of the classroom, pressing his legs together to try and keep his eggs up inside of him as he runs for the bathroom. As he just approaches the bathroom, he sees his sister running toward the same bathroom, her belly sticking out and bouncing as she runs. She has her hand over her crotch, holding the eggs in. Jacob follows her into the girls restroom so that he can talk to her. They both rush to a stall, and immediately sit and start laying eggs one after another, their bellies slowly deflating as one egg after another fills the toilets.

“Patty, I can’t take this. We need to leave now before this gets out of hand.”

“Yeah,” Jacob grunts as another eggs passes through his vagina, and falls onto the pile that’s now filling the toilet. “We could use a window, I’m almost done.” And as he says that, a final egg falls and he zips up his pants.

In no time at all, they’re on their way. As they go, about once every two minutes, then once every minute, they have to both stop and lay an egg, and they throw it out into the fields to their sides as they walk and walk. The old witches house is nearly six miles out from the school, and by the time they get there it’s nearly noon. The blazing heat beats down on them, but they finally arrive at the witches house.

“I don’t think she’s home,” says Patty, “there’s no car in the driveway.”

“Yeah, I guess she’s out being evil around the town. I say we go inside, don’t you think”

“Definitely, the hag deserves a lot more than robbery after what she did to us.” She stops, grunts, and pulls an egg from her pants, then throws it at her house. Immediately after the impact the front door swings open, and there the old witch is, and she scowls at the two children.

“Oh, it’s you two, how are you feeling children”

“Like you would know!” Jacob says, and he too pulls an egg from his pants, and throws it at the old hag. It flies inside the house and breaks on the floor.

“Not very smart considering your positions is it children”

Patty stops in mid throw of another egg.

“All I did was give you two chickens a chance to repay me for the damages to my groceries. You two broke two dozen eggs, and if you give me two dozen eggs the spell will be reverse itself. I won’t be so kind twice, so consider yourselves lucky.

“Come on in, have a bite to eat, and lay me a quick two dozen.”

The two children go inside, and sit. She serves tea, which both children politely sip even though it tastes terrible to them. The old lady sets two empty cartons in front of both of them, and they start immediately filling them with fresh eggs.

Jacob breaks the silence.

“Why did you have to do this to us, you could of just made our mom pay for the eggs.”

“You may remember that you two took off rather fast, and this teaches you better. I’d say it took all effort out of my hands, wouldn’t you You two came to me.”

“Sorry about throwing the eggs Ma’am.” Says Patty shamefacedly, and the old woman’s eyes light up. “We were just mad, and we shouldn’t of run when we hit you.”

The woman’s face relaxes, and she leans back into her chair.

“Maybe I was a tad harsh on you two. There, that’s all two dozen, the spell is lifted.”

“Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou.” Shouts Jacob, holding his penis which has just sprouted back. “Can I use you’re restroom” he suddenly adds, now dancing.

“Down the hall, the first door on the right.” Replies the old lady.

“Thank you ma’am, we really are sorry that we knocked you over.”

“Oh well, I’m fine and you more than repaid the two dozen eggs.” Jacob returns with a happy smile on his face, his past experience already behind him.

“How would you two like some cookies” asks the lady, and with a wave of her hand a platter of cookies materializes out of thin air. Without even a slight hesitation, the twins start eating like they’ve never eaten cookies before, and the old woman smiles as she gets up to use the restroom.

There’s suddenly a bone chilling splash, and the words

“Horse, HORSE!!! We you born in a BARN!!” she storms out of the bathroom, soaking wet from the waist down where the water has already been drawn into her full-length cotton skirt. She finds two large horses standing at her table, and her eye’s light up with wrath.

“Always put the seat down! Don’t look at me with those eyes, I warned you once, I will not be so lenient! You children will learn manners the hard way. The price for this is that I want you to raise and wean me one healthy foal!!! Now OUT! Out of my house, I should never have trusted children! Never again! Out or I shall make it two foals!”

Jacob and Patty gallop out of the witches house as quick as lightning.

“What an evil old HAG!” thinks Jacob.

“Did I just hear you call her a hag” asks Patty. Both of them are a dark chestnut color, and fine looking horses. Their manes and tails are black, and they both slow to a walk.

“Yeah, do you have a problem with me calling her a hag”

“No, it’s just that I can hear you. I think it’s telepathy.”

“That’s great and all sis, but what are we going to do” says Jacob.

“Well, I think we have to have a foal. You know, like the ones that Mr. Wayson has.” They both envision the process, neither is unfamiliar with it since they live down the road from a horse breeder, and both shudder.

“No way am I doing that.” says Jacob.

“I think we have to.” Cries Patty. “Why did she punish me You were the one who left the lid up, and now I have to give birth to a horse!”

“It’s okay, you don’t need to give birth to a horse. We just have to tell mom what she did to us, and she’ll make her change us back.”

With that plan settled, they set off at a gallop back home.

As horses, the distance to home seems much shorter. In only an hour, they’re home, and looking in the window. Their mom is home from her night-shift, and watching T.V.

“Mom!” Yells Jacob.

“MOMMY!” adds Patty.

“It’s not working, she can’t hear us,” Patty says, panicking and neighing. “How will we tell her if she can’t hear us”

“Maybe we can use the computer” suggests Jacob, and the two walk to the front door, and Jacob rings the doorbell with his nose.

Their mom answers the door, and is immediately pushed back as Jacob and Patty walk inside, making a bee line for the computer. Their mom screams, and runs from the room. Dialing can be heard.

“Do it quick Jacob.” says Patty, now pawing nervously at the ground.

The computer is already on, but it’s not on word.

“Help me guide the mouse Patty,” and Jacob takes the mouse and starts nudging it with his nose.

“Left, more left. A little higher and left. Too far, now right. A little more… perfect!” Jacob clicks the button with his nose, and word pops up.

Jacob types, “Mom.” With his nose, then looks up at the screen. It says, “n,nkoijkn>”.

“Oh. That’s not gonna work…” says Jacob.

“Grab a pen and try to write something!” screeches Patty, and they both try frantically to write their names while holding a pen in their mouth. Nothing, they can barely even get the pen to make even a squiggle.

“Gotcha there buckaroo.” Says a big sounding man as a loop of rope is thrown over Jacob’s head. Jacob turns around, pulling at the rope in the process, and sees farmer Wayson holding the other end of the rope. His big son has another rope around Patty’s neck, and they immediately start to lead them out of the house.

“Should we go with them” asks Patty.

“I don’t know. I don’t think we have much of a choice though.”

As they’re led out of the house, they see their mom watch them leave, but then they’re outside and heading toward a horse trailer.

“Looks like we got a filly and a stallion. Is it safe to put them in the same trailer” asks the son.

“It should be, the filly ain’t in heat and they seem to know each other pretty well. We don’t have much of an option either way.”

Patty and Jacob are loaded into the trailer, and immediately they’re on their way.

“What are we going to do. Even if we can run away from Wayson, we can’t possibly talk to our mom. I think we actually have to have a…foal.”

“I think you’re right Jacob. What could mom do anyway, even if we could tell her.”

“I think we should just get this over with.”

The ride is short, and before they know it, the two twins are at Mr. Wayson’s farm.

“Put ‘em in the pasture. I’m gonna make a few phone calls and see if anyone’s missing two horses.”

Jacob and Patty are lead through a gate, and the gate is locked behind them. Jacob suddenly realizes that he’s hungry, so he leans down and nibbles at some grass.

“Patty, you’ve got to try this, it’s great! Like a salad.”

“I’ll pass.” Answers Patty, and she wanders around a bit, never straying too far from Jacob. As Jacob is eating, he’s slowly becoming aware of an alien sensation. He feels warm, and funny. Patty stops wandering and is drawn back near Jacob, or more specifically Jacobs rear end. She sniffs at Jacob, and Jacob grows hotter, and the funny feeling is intensifying. Then, completely unexpectedly, Jacob has to pee, and just goes. His pee falls on the ground with a gentle splashing, but something is wrong. It didn’t feel like it came from a penis. Jacob turns around to see his sister smelling his pee deeply, with a huge boner. Immediately Jacob backs away, even though the funny feeling is growing stronger and stronger.

“Patty, if you’re the stallion. Then what does that make me”

“What do you mean” asks Patty, as though in a trance.

“You’ve got a boner!”

Patty’s dick jumps and slaps her stomach, “Wow, I guess I do. That’s way cool.”

“No, it’s not! That means that I’m the filly. I can’t be the filly, I’m the guy! I can’t give birth! I can’t have sex!”

“We need to Jacob,” Patty sooths. “If we want to ever be able to talk to mom again. Besides, it’s supposed to feel good right”

“Yes.” answers Jacob, growing warmer by the second, even though the sun is just about to set. His crotch and insides are aching with some funny feeling now. To Patty, she had already seen his vagina. She had watched it wink open and shut at her, and she had smelled it and Jacob’s pee. To a horse, this was the most arousing possible combination of anything, since all clues signaled that Jacob was in heat. Patty is in the throws of this desire to mate, and right now will do anything to mate with Jacob.

“Then let’s do it now Jacob, and get it over with. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Jacob thinks about it, but the ach in what he now accepts is his vagina, again, is becoming overpowering. He turns back around, and some instinct tells him to spread his legs out a little more. Patty walks up behind him again, and resumes smelling Jacob’s now creamy cunt.

“Hey, pop! Looks like you were wrong, the filly was in heat. Good thing they waited until they was out in the grass.”

“Yup, them two would make a fine, fine horse. I hope no one claims them, I’d estimate them worth more that any other two horses of mine, and I’ve some mighty fine horses.”

Patty snorts one last time, her dick now rock hard and straight as a javelin, and then she rears back onto Jacob. Jacob immediately feels Patty’s penis on his belly, and only now realizes just how big it is. It’s nearly three feet long, and feels like the head is the size of a baseball.

“I’ve changed my mind Patty!”

“It’ll be okay Jacob, trust me.” She starts thrusting at Jacob.

“No sis, I said I didn’t want to! I’m too scared!” Jacob starts to walk away, and Patty’s about to fall off of him.

“And I said it will be okay!” shouts Patty, and she lunges back. Her penis hits right on Jacob’s steaming, creaming pussy, and enters three inches. An explosion of ecstasy envelopes Jacob’s mind, and Patty thrusts again, and again into Jacob, gaining a few inches with each thrust into Jacob’s virginity. Jacob and Patty scream and whiney together in pleasure as inch by inch Patty’s dick is buried in the soft folds of Jacob’s pussy. In a matter of seconds, Patty is completely buried inside of Jacob. Jacob could never of imagined the ecstasy as Patty pulls out nearly two feet then plunges back balls deep inside of his steaming pussy. Jacob’s pussy is clenching and squeezing of it’s own accord, and he just goes along for the ride. It feels like it’ll never end as Patty plunges in and out with enormous force and stamina, and Jacob feels something building up inside of him. The pleasure is getting better and better, until suddenly he orgasms, his pussy spraying out their combined juices as it grips hard at Patty’s boner. Patty, too, now starts to go faster, and with more force. Her balls are now slapping with each powerful thrust. She’s in awe at her new penis, it’s so much different from her vagina and feels so much better inside of Jacob. She goes faster and faster, trying to get more and more pleasure, and does. Her gigantic balls seem to tighten, and Patty screams again in pleasure, then in triumph as her cum travels up her dick, deep into Jacob. She might as well be pissing into Jacob, and cum flows into Jacobs still spasming pussy, filling him up until it starts drizzling out of him. They finally stop, and Patty lets her huge member soak in Jacob’s sopping pussy for a minute before slidding out.

Once Patty’s out, Jacob’s pussy starts spasming again, sending thrills down his back while he ejects jets of Patty’s cum out onto the grass. When that’s over his vagina finally starts to cool down, what’s left of Patty’s sperm settling down inside of him.

“Whoa.” Says Jacob.

“Yeah.” Agrees Patty.

“Why am I the girl horse”

“Cause you’re the one being punished.” answers Patty.

“That wasn’t much of a punishment.”

“It will be in eleven months.”

“That’s only if I get pregnant.”

“How could you not be pregnant from that I felt like a fire hose!”

“Still, it’d be best if we made sure.”

“You know, I think you’re right.”

The two of them walk off side by side, and have wonderful sex several times that day, as well as the next day and the day after that. But then, on the fourth day, Jacob suddenly can’t get hot anymore. He’s no longer in heat. Patty is put to stud services, to which she happily complies, and time goes by. After about a month, Wayson has a large animal vet come over and test Jacob to see if he’s pregnant, and the tests come back positive. Soon Jacob starts to swell up, his baby foal becoming bigger and bigger every day. Jacob’s two teats’, which are located underneath each of his hind legs, begin to swell up with milk, and Jacob’s pregnancy grows more and more uncomfortable as it moves along. At eleven months, it’s actually painful, his belly has stretched and grown so much that it’s difficult for him to run, so he walks everywhere. His belly wobbles with each step.

Then one day as he is eating some oats that the farmer had given him, he feels his water break, and that’s when the real pain begins. Deep inside of him muscles start working, and the contractions begin. Sharp stabs of pain lance up him from his uterus. Patty is immediately by his side, followed closely by farmer Wayson.

“She’s goin intah labor. JOHN! Get in here!”

Jacob is led into a large stall with fresh straw, and Jacob carefully walks in. He’s panting now from the pain, but he knows that it’s nowhere near over. His contractions last into the night, but Mr. Wayson stays with Jacob the entire time. Patty watches from the other stall, reassuring Jacob and telling him how proud she was that he was taking it so well. Jacob can only answer her in short fragments.

Then, at nearly midnight, Jacob’s contractions become bigger and last longer, and after each one Jacob feels the foal start to move. On the final contraction, the foal finally is forced out of Jacobs womb, but at first only it’s legs are poking out. Jacob starts pushing, steadily forcing the foal further and further out of him. The pain is excruciating, his vaginal walls are being torn as they stretch around the growing mass of the foal, his blood slicking the foal on it’s way out. The foal is now sticking out of him just a little, and slowly but surely she drops out of Jacob, falling out once the foal is halfway out. The foal plops on the ground, and with his vagina still stretched wide and bleeding, Jacob turns around and without a second thought starts to eat the amniotic sack. The foal kicks out, but is too weak to stand. The farmer steps in quickly and in one deft movement cuts the umbilical cord. The sack now gone, Jacob starts licking the foal clean of blood and amniotic fluid, stimulating it and drying it off before it gets cold. After a few minutes of work, the foal is relatively clean, and starts to try to stand up.

After wobbly getting on it’s feet, she immediately sticks her face under Jacob’s leg and nuzzles his teat. A happy nicker escapes Jacob as she starts drinking his milk, releasing the painful pressure. Nothing in the world could of felt better to him right then than the feeling of his foal nursing.

Mr. Wayson refills Jacob’s water trough and gives him more meal before heading in to bed. Jacob stands and eats while his foal drinks deeply from him off and on.

“Are you okay Jacob” asks Patty from the adjacent stall.

“Yeah, I’m fine now.”

“Did it hurt”

“You bet. It still hurts.”

“I can’t believe you did that. It was so big. Why’d you eat the sack and stuff I nearly threw up watching you.”

“I guess I just had to. Do you now how much she’s supposed to drink” Jacob says, indicating his still nursing foal. “I think she’s going on a gallon now.”

“Horses do drink a lot. Remember fluke Mr. Wayson let us bottle feed her, and she drank a litter every hour.”

“That’ll be a blast.” says Jacob wryly. He reaches down to lick a spot of blood and such off of his foals rump. Patty shudders, and turns away to fall asleep. Before she goes to bed though, she says one last thing.

“How are we gonna take her to the old hag tomorrow”

“We can’t, I have to wean her first. Until then, we’ll think of something.”

Time passes by, the foal growing larger and larger. After only a few weeks, the farmer begins training the foal. He starts out with simple things, at first just letting her wear a leather halter, but as she grows old and bigger he does more with her. Also, the farmer starts gradually introducing more and more mean to the foal to help wean her off Jacob’s milk, though she keeps drinking more and more each day, and Jason keeps giving more and more. Around two months, however, she starts drinking less and less, and spending less and less time with Jacob. After three months, the foal is no longer drinking Jacob’s milk, and similarly Jacob has stopped producing milk. Then, one day when the moon is full, Jacob leads his foal out of their stall, unlatching the lock on the barn door, and he and Patty leave off into the night. They arrive at the witches house before dawn, and wait outside of her door, eating from her overgrown lawn. At the crack of dawn, the door to her house opens, and the witch steps out.

“Give it to me, and the spell will break children.” Jacob nuzzles his foal one last time, then directs her to go to the witch. The witch takes the horse, and leads it with uncharacteristic kindness around the back of her house to her own small stable.

Jacob and Patty immediately return to human shape, but are naked. Standing there on the witches front lawn, they don’t even try to cover themselves. They’re too used to being naked as horses. By silent agreement, the two children smile and stroll into the witches home. They sit down at her table, and wait. The second the witch comes through the door, the two children start hurling every swear word they can at her, even inventing a few. After minutes of this abuse the insults die down to silence, but the witch stands there with an odd look on her face.

“It seems that the two of you actually enjoyed your experience, or else you wouldn’t dare risk it again. Either childbirth isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be, or you actually liked being raped by your sister. You want to be punished I’ll show you a punishment!” and the woman starts chanting a string of gibberish. Slowly the world seems to spin for the twins, then faster and faster. They fall to the ground from dizziness, but the world only spins faster and faster until they both feel like they’ll puke. The world stops spinning, and the two naked children sit up, holding their heads.

They’re back home, and they see the horse trailer with them inside of it pulling away from their house. The door is still wide open, and their mom is waving to the truck by the mailbox. Spurred suddenly by the thought of their mom seeing them naked when she turns around, the two hurry inside. It isn’t until they’re both in their room when they realize something isn’t right. Jason looks up at Patty, only to see himself, and Patty looks up to see herself. Looking down, Jason sees a pussy, and Patty sees a penis, but they’re sex’s are not human. They’re equine.



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Not really a rip off, seeing as it's basically a smut version. Well written, maybe should be classed under fanfiction though
KorA MahTa

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2012-05-30 15:28:46
You are a theif. Rl stine really? A childs book. Hmmmmmmm

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2011-08-05 17:15:27
total rip from R.L.Stines goosebumps series book 53 Chicken Chicken you didnt even change the name

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2011-08-05 17:06:04
rip from rl stines goosebumps

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