The Dog by Mackenzie

This story is about a girl named Allison. Allison was not your normal girl. She had DD boobs and a hairy pussy that was always wet. Allison preferred not to have boyfriends, you are about to find out why.
“Hunny, I hope you will be fine over the weekend by yourself,”Allison's parents said.
“I will. Bye you guys,”said Allison
“Bye hunny.”
Allison would be alone over the weekend except for her two dogs. Their names are Killer and Tiny. They were two unnutered Great Danes. As Allison was mastrabating, Killer came over and started to hump her leg. Allison shook him off. Then she had an idea. She was horny and she wanted a cock. When Tiny and Killer came back and started humping her she did nothing. Then she got on the floor and ripped off her clothes. Killer came over and started sniffing her pussy. Allison just sat there moaning. Then Killer started to lick her pussy and Tiny started to lick her tits. She grabbed Tiny's cock and started to lick it and slurp the cum. Killer started to get horny. Allison grabbed his cock and put it in her pussy. Killer started to hump her. Allison moaned while giving Tiny a blowjob. Then she put Tiny's cock in her ass and both the dogs we humping her. She was moaning with pleasure.
When her parents came back at the end of the weekend. Allison was in a very very very good mood.
“Hunny, did you have a nice weekend?”they asked.
“Oh yes, it was wonderful,”Allison said.





2021-07-28 11:56:31
short and sweet ,great story

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2016-08-05 23:46:43
You actually call these 16 lines a story. There isn't even enough there to call it a short story. She came, she fucked, she left, for lack of a better analogy. You……..are an idiot! I've seen better stories come from third graders. Please, please, give up writing and go back to screwing all the dogs in the pound you work at. WOW!!!!!! You call this a story. What an imagination….what an idiot.

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2013-05-08 12:48:59
Were you twelve years old when you wrote this story!?
Wait at least another twelve to have a mind mature enough to start “Thinking” about “Writing”

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2012-10-27 14:10:50
Peice of fuck. You should burn every story u suck!

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2012-09-24 05:46:18
this is a stupid story. do a litle RESEARCH on your topic before you start writting because you suck.

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